3 Steps to a Perfect Colon Cleansing Diet & Detoxification

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Learn the benefits of better colon health and 3 Steps to a Perfect Colon Cleansing Diet. ……. Do you know how important your colon is to your overall wellbeing? Do you know that over worked colon can lead to all sorts of stomach problems? Do you know that clean and healthy colon can lead to vibrant, healthy and longer live? Do know that colon cleansing and eating food full of fiber and fresh fruits can help eliminate colon cancer? Learn more and get answers for these and other colon health related problems from these blog

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25 Comments on “3 Steps to a Perfect Colon Cleansing Diet & Detoxification”

  1. Thanks for watching! Please come back for more videos on this and other
    topics. I will be adding lots of more videos in the near future.

  2. @Benzy1955 Uhhhh.. No.. It’s lives.. “Lifes” isn’t a word… Good try

  3. Is that a computer talking or a person? Sounds like a computer generated

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  5. the website dont work! LOL you need to clean the colon and flush those
    parasites out of the body!

  6. Really excellent website please carry on this videos .. yogesh rajani.

  7. according to a friend who is a gastroenterologist, most if not all
    nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. the colon’s function is to
    absorb water. eat plenty of fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water to
    stay healthy .

  8. This computer voice isn’t even pronouncing some words correctly´╗┐

  9. @Sir *Bowtrol is the best..Bowtrol is an herbal product intended for
    cleansing the colon to make the bowel movement easier. This product cleans
    the vital body organs in the digestive system. But, its main focus is to
    give a refining relief to the colon.*´╗┐

  10. Eat lean meat, fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables and fruit and vegetable
    juices (without added sugar or other additives).´╗┐

  11. Very nice music, feels like I’m at a doctors office. Thank you dr Stephen

  12. Colon does not block you morons! If colon blocks you die… Detox scams!
    Tired of your BS!´╗┐

  13. Ya know the person is probably gonna try and sell you something wen they
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