4 Day Colon Cleanse: The Ultimate Colon Cleasing Diet

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25 Comments on “4 Day Colon Cleanse: The Ultimate Colon Cleasing Diet”

  1. what’s this guy doing in Bali? getting his balls worked on?
    SMILES…but…I love to have hoses and stuff put up my ass for a long
    time, and now I’m getting out the garden hose and some beer for a cleaning
    out project. My dad always helps me out and loves to see the fecal stuff
    flying all over the backyard. Happy times are here again.

  2. @Boss *Bowtrol is a proven method to do away with constipation and other
    digestive problems due to irregular bowl movement.*

  3. OK well this stuff is really expensive so before I even try this product ?
    Is it organic and does it really work ? Anyone ?

  4. lol Bull-shit. Mucosal lining refers to the bodies own epithelial lining,
    not build up of food. Fuckin idiots selling shit again. Just eat 2 cups of
    dates and it will have the exact same effect as whatever this guy is trying
    to sell.
    Peace, and stay vigilant for scammers

  5. Do a fast. Eat arugula & spinach, drink Green Tea, then after it all, have
    a good dose of baking soda. 

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