4 Ingredient Recipe To Detox Your Colon – Saturday Strategy

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4 Ingredient Recipe To Detox Your Colon – Saturday Strategy




As a Juicing Enthusiast and a purveyor of optimum health, I’ve interviewed some of the top experts in Nutrition and Naturopathic medicine, and I’ve spent thousands of hours researching all forms of healing, from the modern Western practices to ancient East Asian remedies. I’m noticing some underlying coincidences and agreements between all of these practices and studies. One of them, which a lot of people don’t seem to talk about much, is the importance of a healthy colon. Your colon is basically the last 5 feet of your intestine, and it’s been said by Naturopathic doctors and natural healers the world over, that “ all disease starts in the colon.”

Your colon handles the last phase of waste breakdown. It works in a partnership with your bacteria to break down the remainder of anything your stomach and small intestine have not digested. Now, if the environment inside of your colon is not optimal, or the wrong kind of bacteria are thriving, your colon can become toxic and the waste inside can begin to build up, becoming stuck. This can lead to a plethora of diseases and chronic ailments like: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diverticulitis, Ulcerative Colitis, and Colonic polyps which can lead to Colorectal Cancer.

People with toxic colons have been known to hold up to 40 additional pounds of waste in their colon! No wonder Americans spend over 0,000,000 on laxatives each year! Over-the-counter laxatives can result in rapid dehydration and even kidney damage. So let’s cleanse our colons with a natural, healthy process by using the recipe below. This will be our breakfast, and we’ll eat this for a few weeks, increasing the flax flour each week. During the day, we’ll be drinking Aloe water, and supplementing some organic magnesium before bed.

(Breakfast Recipe:)
1 tbsp Flax flour (LINK TO : http://amzn.to/1r4tXZF
3.5 oz Goat Kefir
(Ingest during the day)
Aloe water, (LINK TO : http://amzn.to/1uhlAQb
Magnesium(LINK TO : http://amzn.to/YVSOsk

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we would like to send a juicer to someone to help fight and prevent this disease. Please leave a comment below if breast cancer has personally affected you, your life, or a loved one, and the Fitlife community will do it’s best to support and encourage you, and we will register you to win the juicer.

Having a healthy colon, and cleansing it regularly is an extremely important task that we all need to practice. There are tons more cleanses and detoxes like this one that help us purify and reset our body for optimum health, happiness and fat loss within the Juice With Drew System.


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  1. It probably tastes terrible. I just got over the flu. What I did was a cup
    of yogurt a day, and a 30oz Gatorade a day for 7-10 days.

    The Yogurt has all the good bacteria your body needs as well as regulates
    digestive tract. The Gatorade has Electrolites and Salt that your body

    Ive also been drinking some Rasberry Tea, bout a cup a day, and hot soup,
    bout 2-3 cups per day. 

  2. My 2 aunt died of cancer, recently my aunt cit died of breast cancer after
    battling it for less than a year although she accepted her faith we her
    family wants to help her by juicing and giving her lots of anti cancer
    fruits but she refuse… It hurts to see her leave but we are happy to know
    that she is in no pain anymore.. And 2 years ago my aunt beng died of colon
    cancer after battling it less than 6 months. Having history of cancer in my
    mom side of the family scares me. That’s why I’m trying to be healthy for
    myself and for my 2 kids.. I’m not saying I am my healthiest now but as
    much as possible I’m trying to avoid meat and greasy food. 

  3. Leaving a comment in honor of my aunt Paula Munos who lost her battle with
    breast cancer. Keep up the great work with this channel!!

  4. be careful wih the flax seed flour. When flax seed is grounded it starts to
    oxidise creating toxic compounds. The best thing you can do is to buy it
    whole and with a cofe grinder, ground it yourself before eating it, that is
    what I do every day =).

  5. Hello
    Two of my sisters, a niece and my father were diagnosed with breast cancer
    and lost their fight and several other family members on my maternal and
    paternal side have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer.


  6. ooo I have that magnesium and it tastes real good and helps u sleep :)

  7. Hey Drew–a quick Google search reveals Whole Leaf Aloe juice is NOT
    recommended as it is TOXIC, use inner gel only! wtf man
    Please change your link.

    1) Avoid Aloe Vera that has been through unnecessary processes
    Whole Leaf Aloe Vera
    This is not a good idea for two reasons:
     The outer skin of the leaf is highly toxic – it is the plant’s natural
    defence against being eaten in the wild.
     If the product has been filtered to remove the parts of the outer skin
    that are toxic, nutritious parts of the
    gel will also be lost. See the section on Filtered Aloe Vera below for more
    As a further note when Dr Atherton researched his book The Essential Aloe
    Vera he approached the Poisons Unit of
    Guy’s hospital in London. This is the leading authority on toxicology in
    the United Kingdom. Their reply was that they
    had no records of Aloe leaf side effects except that “some whole leaf
    products had been shown to produce
    abdominal pains and diarrhoea in some people”.
    Conclusion: Not Recommended – look for Aloe drinks that use the inner leaf
    gel only

  8. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. Thank God it did not
    spread; they were able to remove it successfully. She is doing light chemo
    to prevent it from reoccurring. I’ve heard of many people, friends and
    coworkers that know of someone who has cancer, it has become too common
    nowadays and it scares me! I’ve started watching juicing videos in the
    hopes of starting to change my life while i’m still young. I’m ready to
    start a healthier lifestyle and you motivate me to do so. Thank you for all
    your time and dedication to making us lead a healthier lifestyle! It is
    much appreciated.

  9. Great vid and will follow, two quick questions. The aloe water 2 x 12oz,
    after the bfast any time during they day? the goat kefir, can it be
    susbtitued for anything else? organic milk, coconut water, regular kefir,
    fruit kefir? just curious, thanks.

  10. Thanks for the video ! i have a question , can goat kefir be substituted
    for anything else ? im a vegan + im not even sure if i can find any kind of
    kefir here ! ( i live in india )
    btw id appreciate a juicer since mine is quite old now and I LOVE making
    green juices for myself and love to introduce it to the ppl around me , and
    so a new one will defiantly make things much easier for me .
    Thank u again 🙂

  11. Juicing have change my life and my daughter. I was 245′ two years ago, and
    now I’m 186 today. It has also change my daughter life. She is a 14 years
    old teen with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. All her doctor just want to
    give her bio-medication and I notice that she’s not getting any better with
    meds. So, I started to research. How to cure RA? So, I saw a lots of video,
    but juicing was just right for her. She is getting better everyday. Now
    what to join the girls baseball team in her high school.. PS. I was
    inspired so much that I when back to school. For BS in Alternative Medicine
    degree..I wish you all the love in the world and never stop spreading your

  12. I love to clean my colon,i have a calm powder in i have use it in the
    past.you think i can take it every nigth?thank you for always sharing a
    good in formation.

  13. Thanks so much for your generosity, the information you share is fabulous
    and helping thousands of people, specially the ones that don’t have tons of
    money to spend on medical bills. You are giving the information that will
    help people take responsibility and control of their own heal. Thanks a

  14. I have a crippling addiction to coffee, I’m talking eight cups a day. I’m
    sure it’s causing some hell on my stomach and intestines, as well as my
    stress levels which only elevate my inflammation due to psoriasis and
    psoriatic arthritis. I’m really hoping to get control over it because there
    are so many things that I wish to achieve and I get bogged down whenever my
    brain doesn’t function well or my depression kicks in. Thanks for all the
    help Drew, I’m going to give this a go soon.

  15. Is there anything I can do besides the goat Keifer, I’m allergic to animal
    products and I don’t just mean lactose intolerant. It makes me extremely

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