5 Ways to Save More and Waste Less Water


(1) Installation of Water Meters: This system directly and indirectly prevent a consumer from wasting water, this is due to the facts that, the meter gives the rough estimate of the amount of funds to be paid for water usage for that particular time. The tendency to us water carelessly and waste it is reduced in this process, because the less the water used the less the amount that will be paid as water charges. Water meter indirectly helps to save more funds due to little or no water wastage.

(2) Fixing of Dripping and Leaking Pipe: Dripping pipes in the home contributes to higher wastage of water, which directly means more money to be paid at the end of the money for the once that was not used but wastage due to dripping caused by the pipe leakages. In other for this problem to be solved and water saved for other purposes, dripping or leaking pipes should be fixed to save some quantities of water from leaking.

(3) Water butt should be installed: Water butt is an effective way in saving more and waste less water, it works on the principle of collection. Water which ordinarily should have been wasted due to the leakages of the pipe are collected in a special butt and or reservoir, which are then used for some compound cleaning activities, such as for washing cars, toilets, gardens and so on. In this way water is being saved and no or less water is being wasted.

(4) Shorter shower should be taken: One of the way in which water is saved is by reducing the amount of time in taken bath. Shorter period of bathing should be adopted to save more water. Shorter shower time means lesser quantities of water is being used and no water is being wasted. The higher the shower period the higher the quantity of water used, which means no water is saved, but all were used.

(5) Use less water for flushing: Using two bucketful of water or one bucketful of water performs the same functions of flushing. Instead of flushing to be done all the time that the toilet is being used by an individual, it can be done once or twice in a day. An individual who uses the same toilet, can decide to flush it at a particular time of the day after series of usage by the individual, in this case such an individual would make sure that fragrance and deodorant are ever present in the bathroom or toilet to prevent some stinking smell. In this case water is being saved.

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