Benefits of Eating Natural Foods & Going Organic

Hi there, it is really nice to know that you are curious about the benefits of natural foods but before we begin, let us examine what they really are and how they are different from processed food which you find stuffed in shelves of every supermarket. Food that is grown without the influence of toxic chemicals is generally called natural food. It is also sometimes called organic food because organic compost or manure has been used to grow it.

Natural foods are more nutritious than their counterparts in supermarkets. Keep in mind that natural foods are good only in their natural state, what this means is that eating an apple is way better than drinking juice out of the box. When a company sells you juice in container, it processes the food to a degree that it loses its nutrient value. There is a lot of literature out there if you want to know more. Now, let’s get started with the benefits of natural foods.

natural salad

Money Saver

Yes, this might sound a bit overboard but without a shred of doubt, natural foods save you money in long term. How, let me explain eating good, organic, natural food keeps your immunity system stronger, which in turn protects you from various illnesses and boosts your ability to fight viruses and diseases. This all implicitly saves you a ton of money, sure organic & natural foods might cost you a bit more in the short run, but when it comes to health, think marathon not sprint.

Increased Productivity

Here is another benefits of going all natural. Have you ever heard or experienced people getting lazy after eating food during day even though they have done no hard work and also have gotten good amount of sleep, if yes, you know what went wrong, their food is what went wrong. Food is supposed to give you energy, not take it. Any food that takes your energy is hijacking your productivity. Lesson learned, natural and whole food means bursting energy throughout the day.

Weight Loss

This is might sound a bit controversial but if you pick up some books, you would find it is no surprise that natural foods help you lose weight. Let me explain how this works, within 6-8 weeks of going natural, you would feel change in your palate taste. You will not crave for sugar as you used to on a sugar and processed food based diet. This results in less craving for food in general and more satiation. I do agree that it is more easier said than done but personally I have seen people overcoming their craving and finding taste and life in natural & plat based food.

So there you have it folks, from now on, bring change in your life with plant based natural foods and help others by telling them about the benefits of going organic.

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