* BEST ENEMA VIDEO! How to do an ENEMA at Home – Live! *

Start Naturains Colon Cleanse

Comical yet IMPORTANT ENEMA VIDEO on how to do an enema at home. Learn how and WHY to do an enema at home! Learn about enema bags and an enema bucket. Learn when to do an enema and why! Better and cheaper than a colonic irrigation live (hydrotherapy) or a colonic procedure live. Funnier than a colonic with Tony Roberts or a colonic rap! Learn how to take an enema! Many people don’t even want to learn how to do an enema at home but if they do, they’ll be so happy! Enema benefits include: Feel better. Clean out the colon. Less farting. Also learn how to do a coffee enema. Coffee enemas help you to clean out your liver by draining the bile. They learned about coffee enemas in WWll according to the Gerson diet book.

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