Bowtrol At A Glance

Bowtrol At A Glance

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            • Effective constipation, bloating & gas relief
            • Effective weight loss
            • Boosts energy
            • All natural


            • Weight loss & energy boost effect diminish after a while
            • Health risks with prolonged use

            reviewAlright, this time around we’re going to review the all popular high-school sweetheart: Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. You’ve probably heard about this one in particular on the web, but if you haven’t, then this review will help you decide whether you want to start your cleanse with Bowtrol or one of the other Top Cleansers we’ve reviewed.

            So, what makes this cleanse so special is that it’s completely natural. Mainly because the ingredients are mostly herbs and have been used for centuries for this exact purpose.

            The challenge that Bowtrol faces is that colon cleansing programs such as pills are fairly “new”, but there are more and more people that are willing to trust them nowadays. Perhaps this review will give you the proper nudge into trying it out yourself, but the decision is ultimately yours!

            I will explain the pros and cons associated with this particular cleanse so you can decide if you wish to try it. Know that you are not alone in your body cleanse as we at Naturains are a big community of detoxers. We come together to discuss what is working and give each other tips on what to improve.

            With that being said, it’s always best to consult your doctor before ingesting anything. While Bowtrol is a natural supplement, if you have a medical condition, you should be extra careful with taking ANYTHING. Even if it’s an Advil or Aspirin. This way you are aware of the interactions with your current medications.

            I will also explain the active ingredients in Bowtrol and why they work, since the ingredients themselves can seem a tad odd for those unaccustomed to them.  Let’s begin!

            Bowtrol’s Active Ingredient List

            1. Flax seeds
            2. Cascara Sagrada
            3. Senna
            4. Aloe
            5. Peppermint
            6. Garlic
            7. Cloves
            8. Olive leaf extract
            9. Thyme oil powder
            10. Probiotics

            Why Do These Ingredients Work?

            Flax seeds are a great source of fiber which is needed for moving blockages. This is always the first step you need to relieve constipation.

            Cascara Sagrada is a natural herb that has laxative properties. It has been used for centuries for this property. This herb also creates muscle contractions that help move the blockage along.

            Senna is another natural herb that is known to have laxative properties. It is also another one that has been used for centuries as well.

            Aloe is a plant that provides soothing relief by creating a barrier. Just as it does when providing sunburn relief it can do the same being taken internally.

            Peppermint is a plant that is known to settle a stomach. It helps to create more bile which settles a nauseas stomach. When your stomach is feeling rough it creates the bloating and gas problems.

            Garlic is a natural anti inflammatory agent. Which brings more blood to your intestines this helps them work more in sync.

            Cloves are a natural pain relieving agent. It works by numbing the nerves slightly so the pain is not noticeable as it is with other products.

            Olive leaf extract is a leaf from the olive tree. It works by creating an oil base to help move the blockage so it does not stick.

            Thyme oil powder this is an herb that works with the cloves to ease the pain that many feel when using a laxative.

            Probiotics are the good bacteria that help keep our stomachs running smoothly. When we are stressed or ill this bacterium is often lacking naturally in our systems.

            Read this post for more info on its ingredients.

            What This Cleanse Is Supposed To Do

            This colon cleanse is made to help those with constipation, bloating or gas. The ingredients contained in Bowtrol do fairly well on regulating your colon. This is why you don’t really need to use anything else when taking this.

            You also shouldn’t take more than the recommended dose. Why? Well, it can be embarrassing to some, but the herbs contained in Bowtrol’s cleanse have laxative properties, which makes your intestinal muscles contract. This is how it gets you to lose the blockage and helping you stay hydrated. So, in order to avoid social discomfort *wink* *wink* better stick to the instructions written on the label. You’ll find more about what Bowtrol’s supposed to do in this post.

            Bowtrol Pros & Cons

            One of the pros we found with this cleanse can also be seen as a contra for some: weight loss.

            While losing weight is often a good thing, Bowtrol will only help you lose so much before it is no longer effective.

            So, if you’re thinking of using this cleanse for the weight loss properties alone, think twice. Sure you will lose weight by taking it, but this would mean having to take it past the recommended amount of days. Meaning taking more than the recommended dose, etc. We strongly urge you NOT TO.

            Going past the point of no return, you risk your muscles losing the ability to function on their own without help. I’m not trying to scare you, but this is valid for everything: Everything In Excess Is Harmful. So when you take Bowtrol, make sure you stick to the recommended dose.

            This colon cleanse takes twenty four hours before it starts to work. For those with a blocked colon that is borderline emergency-level you don’t need this, you need an emergency room with doctors to fix you. In fact, taking any laxative is risky at that point. Fortunately, for most of you reading, this is not your case. So, if you’re just slightly constipated, bloated, or gassy, Bowtrol will work just fine! (How safe is it?)

            Another pro is that it increases your levels of energy. It will give you a burst of energy as it starts to work, but after the recommended days of use the effect diminishes. This is another reason that taking the product past a week is going to end up being counterproductive.

            Taking a larger dose of this product is also counterproductive it is not going to work any faster. All it is going to do is make the product hit you harder when it does kick in. This is not a good thing it can make you very ill.

            In conclusion, all the benefits of Bowtrol start to diminish after the recommended time of intake. You can resume taking Bowtrol after a period of rest. You will then experience all the benefits again.

            This is just how your body works! Here’s a full post on its side effects.

            Pros & Cons In Summary


            • Effective constipation relief
            • Gas relief
            • Bloating relief
            • Weight loss
            • Boosts energy
            • All natural
            • Effective


            • Weight loss & energy boost effect diminish after a while
            • Health risks with prolonged use

            Where can I get Bowtrol Cleanse?

            You can find it at many retailers and drug stores. Many health food stores also carry it since it’s become quite popular. The cheapest place to get is at Bowtrol’s official website since they will ship it to you straight from their stock and apply discounts since there is no markup.

            Keeping all of this in mind the Bowtrol colon cleanse is an effective product if used correctly. You can use this product for a week then take two weeks off and use it again if needed. You just want to stay away from using it for longer than a week unless recommended by your doctor.

            Should you get Bowtrol, make sure you follow the directions on how to properly use it.

            written by J. Marsden