directionsThis article is to help explain the directions on how to take the Bowtrol colon cleanse. The cleanse is a natural supplement that is intended for those with constipation, gas and bloating.

The problem is that our society tends to think that if something is working slowly we must take more of it to quicken the results. This is a dangerous thought that has gotten many people killed.

This is why you must pay attention to all directions on any supplement or medication. We must stop wanting immediate results and allow things to work at the proper pace.

The main reason people turn to supplements to help get rid of constipation is that they are unwilling to change their diets. A diet change will normally make the constipation issues go away.

The only time this is not the case is when the constipation is with a medical condition or medication. Since the condition is chronic it is harder to get the relief you need.

I do not recommend taking any laxative supplements with chronic constipation issues. They are known to cause damage to the intestinal walls and nerves. This causes the muscles to weaken which makes you dependent on this type of supplement to get any relief. This is never a good thing you end up losing your natural ability to use the restroom.

For those with some medical conditions, this is already a possibility that they must use a colostomy bag in order to get rid of solid waste. This can happen when you allow your bowels to die internally.

The big issue is that having a blocked bowel can still cause the muscles and nerves in front of the blockage to die. They get cut off from the blood supply and end up starving for oxygen.

In this case, you should get some help to get rid of the blockage before you end up with damage. This is where laxatives and enemas will actually be beneficial.

Things like prune juice and high fiber foods will also help you pass the blockage.

With any of type of products, you should only take it as directed and not longer than seven days to prevent nerve and muscle damage.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanse directions

  1. Always take with a full glass of water and drink water after
  2. Take on an empty stomach
  3. No more than two capsules at a time
  4. Do not take more than two capsules a day
  5. DO NOT take for more than seven days
  6. NOT recommended for children or teenagers
  7. Do not mix with prescribed medications
  8. Do not mix with other laxatives
  9. Do not mix with other detoxification products
  10. Do not mix with other supplements

This product is best used by itself without mixing with other medications or supplements. Make sure you follow the directions when taking this product. Not doing so may end up with the supplement being under powered or over powered. When taken correctly Bowtrol is a safe product.

Make sure to read our full review if you’re interested in learning more about Bowtrol.