losing poundsBowtrol is a colon cleanse supplement that has proven itself as a reputable sidekick when it comes to helping you lose weight. The reason why this question pops up is because it wasn’t meant to help you lose weight originally, it’s made to help you cleanse your blocked bowel. That’s why you won’t find the weight-loss advertised on all corners of the world. Does it help? Yes, it does. But that is also the reason why the weight loss is not always going to be the same between each person. Just as the supplement may not work for every person, the degree of pounds shed can vary. I will explain why this supplement can help you lose weight as well as what the ingredients do.

What ingredients make you lose weight?

Flax Seeds
Cascara Sagrada

Why do they work?

Flax Seeds – The fibers that help remove the blockage also help reduce excess fecal matter weight.

Cascara Sagrada – While the herb is known for the laxative properties, it also helps increase your metabolism.

Senna – This is another herb known for its laxative properties. It also helps increase your metabolism.

Peppermint – Relieves gas and bloating which helps you keep off water weight.

Garlic – The anti-inflammatory properties help you stay active.

Why you lose weight?

The issue is that this product is made to help relieve constipation. Thus, it makes you have to use the bathroom much more often.

It also helps you by loosening up your stool, because you’re ingesting the herbs that flush out the toxins through your feces. While these herbs are included in small doses, they do build up with time. This is why you should not use this product for too long (max advertised around 7 days, but consult your physician on the best procedure).

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of us carry around excess fecal matter build-up. Even with going to the bathroom once a day for that purpose, it still builds up fecal matter.

This product will help you flush out that built-up matter losing weight in the progress. Keep in mind that the weight loss originally will just be the built-up fecal matter and water weight. After the build-up is flushed out, you will either notice a slow down or it will stop altogether.

This supplement does help you increase your metabolism which will also help you lose weight. It will only help you lose it so fast. Being impatient will not help you.

Increasing the dosage is dangerous, DO NOT DO IT, it will not make it work any faster. Please keep this in mind so you do not end up in the hospital. Also do not take this supplement longer than seven days unless under doctor’s orders to do so.

Excessive use of this product can be dangerous. While you think that taking too much is never a bad thing, it can be. Your health is never something to risk. Always keep this in mind when searching for weight loss products. In many cases, you need to change your lifestyle to obtain the results you want.

This product will help you relieve constipation and keep off the excess fecal weight. It is not intended for large amounts of weight loss.

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