Here’s a breakdown of what you will find inside

These are the ingredients listed on the package. For more information on what exactly they are and do, please keep reading further below. It really helps to have an understanding of what you’re going to put inside your body before you actually do!


cascara sagrada

turkey rhubarb

bentonite clay

slippery elm


flax seeds



black seeds



olive leaf extract

thyme oil powder





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whats insideMore in-depth explanation of why those ingredients work

Flaxseeds are a great source of fiber which is needed for moving blockages. This is always the first step you need to relieve constipation.

Cascara Sagrada is a natural herb that has laxative properties. It has been used for centuries for this property. This herb also creates muscle contractions that help move the blockage along.

Senna is another natural herb that is known to have laxative properties. It is also another one that has been used for centuries as well.

Aloe is a plant that provides soothing relief by creating a barrier. Just as it does when providing sunburn relief it can do the same being taken internally.

Peppermint is a plant that is known to settle a stomach. It helps to create more bile which settles a nauseous stomach. When your stomach is feeling rough it creates the bloating and gas problems.

Garlic is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Which brings more blood to your intestines this helps them work more in sync.

Cloves are a natural pain relieving agent. It works by numbing the nerves slightly so the pain is not noticeable as it is with other products.

Olive leaf extract is a leaf from the olive tree. It works by creating an oil base to help move the blockage so it does not stick.

Thyme oil powder this is a herb that works with the cloves to ease the pain that many feel when using a laxative.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that help keep our stomachs running smoothly. When we are stressed or ill this bacterium is often lacking naturally in our systems.

Wormseed Is a seed found in the pods of the wormwood tree.

Black seeds are the seeds found in the blackwood tree.

Charcoal activated charcoal is used in many gas-relieving products

Bentonite clay helps keep the gas production down. It is a ground up clay that is edible.

Slippery elm is a breed of an elm tree ground into powder.

Turkey rhubarb is a breed of the rhubarb plant, grown in Turkey.

These ingredients have been used for centuries all over the world. The wormseed ingredient can cause interactions since it is from the wormwood tree. This is the same ingredient in absinthe that makes people ill. It is the combination of alcohol and the wormwood.

This is why it is best to avoid alcohol with this product. Make sure you know if any of these ingredients will counteract with any of the medications or supplements you are currently taking.

While these ingredients have been used for centuries it is best to use them as directed to be sure you are not risking any later health problems.

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