Colon Cleanse Weight Loss: All Natural Colon Cleanse Recipes!

Start Naturains Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss: All Natural Colon Cleanse Recipes –

Visit to where you can find great information about how to colon cleanse at home, as well as colon cleanse recipes and colon cleanse tips.

Tyler Tolman is a world renowned expert in colon cleansing. A colon cleanser himself, Tyler recommends colon cleanse for weight loss and for building a healthy colon. He has helped hundreds of people just like you lose weight the healthy way. He welcomes you to discover the ancient secrets to healthy living.

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  1. man, what a noisy place…couldn’t you do this video in a quiet place, it’s
    hard to hear what you put in that jar.

  2. Didn’t have any issues hearing you with headphones.
    But I didn’t get what the mixture in the bag was, until I read someones

  3. Omg I couldn’t understand a Shite’ing (haha lol.. shite) thing they said.
    Wow. Give em an A for effort I guess. Least they trying. Wud hve been nice
    to hve a lil more clarity.

  4. Very poor quality sound and muffled on the powder ingredient. Pull up your
    socks women.

  5. I understood them fine, you guys are just fucking racist assholes

  6. you’re idiots, there’s no need to do a colon cleanser ever.. Your body does
    that on it’s own. 

  7. I love how doctors in our country say that colon cleansing is dangerous,
    yet they peddle drugs that kill thousands upon thousands of people all the

  8. Why are the doing this in the street? How sanitary can this be? Disgusting.

  9. Sorry but super crappy vid, terrible location, u hardly explain what u r
    using, etc..

  10. I love a woman with a clean, healthy colon………………………

  11. no explanation, no info, what they are adding to honey and water….
    bullshit, and the location…..

  12. This is great and thank you. Quick question – does colon cleansing affect
    hemoglobin levels?

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