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Colon cleanse or colon therapy implies detoxifying from the colon and large intestine. These toxins accumulate in time from the food eaten, polluted air and dust, from the water drank and overall lifestyle. This procedure cleans the large intestine and removes this toxic waste that otherwise may enter the blood stream and have a negative impact on health. Examples of such health problems that may be influenced by these toxins are: allergies, depressions, arthritis or even cancer. Additional symptoms caused by these wastes may include fatigue, flatulence, irritated skin or gaining in weight. What Does Colon Cleanse Imply? There are two main methods used for colon cleanse. One method consists in using laxatives, powders, teas or supplements that will help the colon to expel and eliminate these negative toxins. The second method implies using colon irrigation. The procedure consists in a big quantity of water flushed with the aid of a low- pressure pump and through a small tube directly into the rectum, while the person lays comfortably on a table. Then, the water along with the fluids and waste are eliminated like a normal bowel movement. The procedure may be repeated several times and might last up to approximately one hour. What are colon cleanse benefits? All these toxins that come from food, water or air are absorbed and processed by the gastrointestinal system. These body wastes may cause severe health problems over time, if they are overlooked. Colon cleanse may provide many benefits for the overall health and well- being and may reduce the risk for colon cancer. Also, this procedure will prevent constipation or chronic constipation problems. As this condition causes a slow digestive response and may leave wastes in the system or even be released in the blood, colon cleanse will help you solve this daunting problem. Another important benefit brought to the body is the more effective absorption of vitamins and nutrients, because when the colon is free of waste, essential substances are more freely filtered into the body. In the same way, it can help improve concentration. The gathering of toxic waste in the colon may prevent the body from gathering the essential vitamin absorption needed for the best functioning. Colon cleanse may help to feeling more alert, focused and also healthier and lighter. This is the reason why another important benefit of cleansing the colon is that it aids weight loss and boosts the rate of the metabolism. This fact may even be of greater help in rethinking food choices and body overall wellness. Last but not least, colon cleanse has to be mentioned as a factor in increasing fertility in women as well as in men. Cleansing of colon, along with healthy food choices and adequate weight control may have positive results in women who desire to become pregnant. Also, this procedure alleviates the body from chemicals and toxins that can affect both female and male reproduction organs. Thus, it is recommended for both partners, prior to attempt pregnancy. Opinions may vary regarding this much debated subject. But these colon cleanse benefits are not just assumed wild- guesses, but are effects of a well thought detoxification strategy that is worth a chance to prove itself.

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