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Colon cleansing is about cleaning out toxins and harmful organisms in the gullet and healing the digestive system to provide it with the nutrients that it needs to function more efficiently. There are different options for doing it, some involving medical drugs, taking a certain choice of foods or even colon hydrotherapy. The most reliable option however is the use of the colon cleanse juice and it is generally prepared by apples, prunes or onions. It is also important to note that you should work out your body to increase the effectiveness of the whole thing.Exercise increases the oxygen flow into the body, which is needed to make the body function optimally and kill certain microorganisms.
But how should one go about it for its optimal effectiveness? The amount of juice to drink needed to cleanse the colon really depends on a couple of key factors. The first involves the basic state of your colon. A person who is constipated will require a bit more of the colon cleanse juice to get those bowels moving than a person who is regular. The second is related to purpose of the cleansing. If the reason behind the cleansing is to detoxify your system, you may want to subscribe to a certain course of cleansing. Most of these will have a set schedule, so to speak, of what you should ingest and when you should ingest it. Some actually advice that you avoid overly processed sugar or be only raw food diet.
If you are looking to cleanse your colon for the purpose of constipation, you may want to drink 8 ounces of prune juice prior to breakfast and another 8 ounces in the early evening, probably sometime after supper. Many people believe that the second glass should be consumed 12 hours after the first. But it is entirely up to you. This will usually relieve of constipation in a couple of days. Once you have found yourself to be regular, you should cut the second glass completely, and only drink an 8 ounce glass of prune juice in the morning. From there, cut that glass in half and only drink 4 ounce at breakfast.
That being said, prolonged use the colon cleanse juice as a means to keep yourself regular isn’t necessarily all that is healthy. Due to the laxative nature of most of these juices, your body may develop a dependency on them. Meaning, you will begin to need it to keep your bowels moving. You should complement it with eating sensibly and drinking lots of water. Simply add more fruits, vegetable, nuts and whole grains to introduce more fibre (both soluble and non-soluble) into your diet.
If you are trying to cleanse your colon due to viral infections, the colon cleanse juice is not enough. It takes more that the juice to clean the toxins and wastes. You should also consider seeking the advice of a doctor or dietician. And while colon cleansing may be an alternative approach to health and wellbeing, a medical professional will be able to guide you on the best option of treatment. When you are seeking professional advice, you need to talk to someone who understand the benefit of cleansing. Reason being, some medical professionals believe that cleansing is unnecessary as the body has its own mechanisms of cleaning itself. The truth is, the body is like a machine that, when fuelled properly, works efficiently. Don’t wait, start cleansing today and start experiencing good health like a child again.

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