The Dangers of Detoxing With Salt Water

Written by J. Marsden

Doing a salt water flush can pose some dangers to certain individuals especially those individuals who have certain medical conditions or who are taking specific medications.

Precautions should always be taking with any diet change or method of detoxification and cleansing and it is better to consult your physician first before making any drastic changes to your diet or using any medicinal home remedies.

There are certain precautions to be taken when using sea water or sea salt mixed with water to perform a flush, as well to prevent any negative side effects and damage to your digestive system and kidneys.

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Precautions to Take Before Consuming A Salt Water Mixture

If you are suffering from any medical condition or if you are on medication make sure to consult your physician first before attempting this form of detoxification.

Make sure that you mix the correct amount of salt with the correct amount of water; two teaspoons of salt with one liter of warm water.

Do not consume more than the recommended amount of salt water for the recommended time period. Never stay on a cleanse for longer than seven days.

For a sea water flush you have to use pure sea water, and for a sea salt water flush, you must use either pure sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt. Never use iodized table salt, the iodine in table salt is extremely hazardous to your health.

If you experience any negative side effects rather quit the cleanse or use another method of detoxification.

Always drink plenty of water when you are consuming anything that has high quantities of salt to avoid dehydration.


Salt Water Flush Dangers

Some people are unable to keep the salt water down, especially when they have to down a copious amount all at once, this causes almost immediate vomiting which causes great discomfort for the person and can lead to dehydration.

With some individuals their systems can have a different balance point and then rather than passing the solution through their bodies will absorb it and store the excess salt and water causing water retention.

Excess salt in the body can overwork your kidneys and cause problems particularly in hypersensitive people or those who suffer from Edema. Overworked kidneys can cause back pain and uncomfortable bloating. Overworking your kidneys can lead to eventual kidney failure.

The excess salt in your system can also hinder your body’s natural ability to detox and cause a heavy burden on the rest of your body’s systems. Continuous exposure to excess amounts of salt can cause organ failure and eventually death.

Because of the laxative effects of consuming a salt water solution, it is easy to become dehydrated very quickly, particularly if you are having three or more bowel movements a day.

Too much salt in your digestive system can also destroy healthy bacteria rather than preserving it.

In conclusion, always perform a flush or cleanse with salt and water with great caution and if you experience any severe side effects rather stop immediately. Make sure to perform the flush correctly and to consult your physician should it be necessary. Also, if you want to try this out, head over here for our full salt water flush recipe.

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