Dr. Oz Talks Colon Cleansing and Detox on Power 105.1 FM — No Punches Pulled!

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Power 105.1 FM looks at colon cleansing and detoxification with Dr. Oz. Is it risk-free? Will there be unwelcome side-effects? How does it function? Dr. Oz answers these concerns — plus much more!

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25 Comments on “Dr. Oz Talks Colon Cleansing and Detox on Power 105.1 FM — No Punches Pulled!”

  1. This is because Americans have voted to “NOT” take their lame advice
    anymore, fired them and now, trust me folks, they have everything to lose
    by telling you that you don’t need colonics.

  2. Of course Dr. Oz is going to mention Oprah since he was on her show
    numerous times. She is the one who helped him get his own show. He didn’t
    mention it because he was around black people. He mentioned it because he
    did several segments on her show – especially in regard to cleansing.

  3. @MrCrabbybubbles if he was held up by The American Medical Association he
    wouldn’t talk so much about taking sunlight and diet to be healthy.he would
    just be talking about drugs u need to take

  4. i know a guy that shit 10 pounds in 1 day from being on a raw foods diet
    for a week

  5. And shit is just as corrupt up here too! The whole DE FACTO government is a
    joke. Buncha coward puppets who will NEVER tell the truth. Funny thing is
    that we’re already a pretty much socialist country. Things seem fucked but
    I still have hope because there’s people like us out there. Can’t say much
    for the older generation though. Check out RUN FROM THE CURE, and the OH

  6. dont listen to this idiot cause the doc is right if you eat right you wont
    need it Dontube just like something up his butt which is fine for him but
    colon cleanse is unnecessary if you eat right your poop will be fine

  7. what do you mean by us you are not part of the human race . you are just
    some scumbag stayin in the projects selling krack to kids on the corner
    lololololololo im now bored with you dumb fuck

  8. If you have ever seen a cow take a shit, then you know the intestine of the
    average vegetarian isn’t going to be very clean and that the person that
    edited this video adding in titles showing a supposedly squeakly clean
    vegan intestine is a fraud and a fake. Intestines and colons are always
    dirty all the time. Mucous is produced under the moving food that keeps it
    moving through. It will always look dirty unless you wash it (colonic)
    before looking at it.

  9. You shouldnt be rude. AvieMare is actually correct. Here is your one case.
    It describes a 42 year old woman who suffered neurological compromise
    secondary to colonic induced hyponatremia. The authors also refer to this
    practice as “quackery” and find NO evidence that the practice is beneficial
    for any known condition. Norlela S, Izham C, Khalid BA. Colonic
    irrigation-induced hyponatremia. Malays J Pathol. 2004 Dec;26(2):117-8.
    While you may argue “correctly administered”, the case is there.

  10. you need to clean the colon which is important! There are parasites and
    other worms in the colon which causes bacteria in the body .Bowtrol has
    some herbs that isn’t good for the intestine.

  11. I have an idea! Eat good healthy natural food and drink lots of
    water….then get a colonic every few months just to be sure!

  12. My personal doctor suggested a surprise to me: he said “have a urine enema;
    warm and fun, and really gets everything purring”. I tried it as did the
    rest of my family and it’s THE BEST!

  13. So EVERY time you go to the bathroom to do the #2 you’re cleansing yourself
    all the way out? That’s a lie and I actually respect Dr. Oz so I can’t
    believe he said that. You’re not getting everything out… what kind of
    doctor says that? I’ve been to Hydrotherapy and Colon specialists and they
    would never say that. You DO have 2 eat the right food he stated but you
    also need something to go in there and flush out excess fecal matter.
    Doesn’t even sound right that you can physically push out all

  14. Dr. Oz is full of shit here. Sorry, i couldn’t help butt say. Dunno why he
    takes this position. We can all know he knows better. Even when someone
    considers themselves as “regular”, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a backlog
    festering away, burdening other organs with toxicity & gumming up
    paristalsis. ‘Fess up Doc that how can u or your cells really take in &
    absorb nutrients if u haven’t released waste to make room?

  15. I agree! He doesn’t know squat about colonics! He’s a medical doctor and
    they aren’t trained to understand natural healing techniques. He never
    ceases to amaze with some of the ignorant things that he can say!
    Colonics saved my life. I agree that a high fiber, high water content diet
    would eliminate the need for colonics, but our SAD diet is so far afield of
    that, no wonder we are all constipated. And one bowel movement does NOT
    clear out your colon, especially with the diets most Americans eat. It
    can take several colonics to truly clear out the colon, I can attest to
    that! Colonics can save lives and heal disease. All disease begins in
    the colon!

  16. If a colon cleanse is so great and everybody agrees that dr. Oz is wrong.
    How come there aren’t lines out the door at these places. Your body will
    naturally push out what is not suppose to be there. It’s like getting a
    deep splinter and you can’t get it out. In time the skin pushes it out
    naturally. It’s a scam. Just like every diet pill and so on. If there was
    something that was the best it would be know world wide.

  17. So let me get this straight..Dr. Oz is wrong because he eats healthy and
    doesn’t use quick fixes to fix the shitty eating that it seems a lot of
    yall lazy asses do but HE’S WRONG. He is speaking about the way your body
    is SUPPOSED to work. Not the way you have to short cut because you eat
    processed foods that can’t be properly disposed of by your system. If you
    take a person who eats a diet of nutrition dense foods and drinks water
    with little to no processed foods then yes you can use one bowel movement
    per day to clean your your colon..Why don’t people stop with the shortcuts
    and quick fixes and just stop attacking someone who clearly does. Thats
    why so many people are overweight and unhealthy now..trying to take a diet
    pill, detox drinks and all that bs then go right back and eat like utter
    shit..CMON MAN!!! 

  18. The big bags under Doc Oz’s eyes indicates his kidneys are in trouble. 

  19. +bro *Since using your product I no longer have constipation issues and I
    feel so much healthier. Thanks for sharing this great product.*

  20. Obviously he enjoys the feeling, plus the psychological calming after his
    additional endeavors…. 

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