Losing Weight With A Salt Water Solution

Written by J. Marsden

In our modern lives with foods filled with preservatives, overeating and unhealthy lifestyles in general, our bodies are struggling to get rid of all the toxins, especially the colon and digestive system that become built up with improperly digested foods and waste materials.

Unwanted parasites start to grow in the intestines because of this and feed off the organs expelling poisonous wastes.

All these factors have an influence on your overall health and will also cause you to gain unnecessary weight and fluids.

Changing your lifestyle and following a healthy balanced diet along with regular detoxification can greatly reduce this and improve the general health of your body and your digestive system.

A healthy body that functions at its peak will also help you lose weight and maintain your goal weight, as well as improving your overall health.

A salt water flush is a method of detoxification and cleansing by means of drinking a sea salt and water solution. The solution can be enhanced by adding lemon and other herbs and spices that will help to cleanse your system and eliminate waste and toxins. Drinking the salt water solution will have many positive advantages in weight loss.

If you want an easier and controlled way of detoxing your body without worrying about the right dosage, side effects, or any long-term harm, then read this post where I explain and review 4 ways I’ve found to cleanse your body from toxins, feel rejuvenated with more energy and even lose some weight in the process:

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Salt Water Flush Weight Loss: How Does It Help?

Here are a few ways in which this will help you to lose weight and maintain a healthy, balanced digestive system:

The salt water solution moves through the entire digestive system cleaning all waste build up and removing toxins from your intestines without any harmful side effects.

A clean and toxin free digestive system means a faster metabolism and healthy working bowels which in turn will aid in the loss of excess weight and improve digestion of your food and absorption of nutrients.

Weight fluctuations and a bloated stomach are all symptoms of water retention. Drinking more water and eating foods that are rich in fibre will all aid in reducing water retention.

The salt in real sea salt helps to balance out mineral and electrolyte levels in your body which encourages the cells in your body to expel excess fluids.

Excess fluids are eliminated and flushed out by your kidneys. You will feel lighter and more energized after performing a flush with a salt and water mixture, just make sure to use genuine sea salt.

Constant constipation and a colon that has waste and toxin build up can also cause an increase in weight as well as making you feel sluggish and uncomfortable.

Drinking a mixture of sea salt and water will help to flush out all built up waste effectively, remove all unwanted toxins and also help to relieve constipation.

More frequent bowel movements, a cleansed colon and digestive system working as it should, will improve weight loss.

Keep in mind that performing a cleansing flush with sea salt and water will only help you to lose weight, you will still need to follow and energy controlled balanced diet in order to lose weight and to maintain your weight.

Regular exercise is also very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep fit and to control your weight. You can find more info about preparing a sea salt flush here.


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