How To Appropriately Filter Sea Water To Drink


Many of the people leaving in the coastal area are the most prone to drinking salty water but this can change if you only learn this few skills; no more drinking salty water. There is a lot of water on Earth but unfortunately less than 2 percent is good for drinking, so it might be important to know how to turn salty water into drinking water.

Here’s how to appropriately filter sea water before you drink it:

  1. Look for a pot which has a lid and an empty glass – look for a glass that will not break easily when exposed to heat and also it should not be bigger than the pot. Make sure also that the pot is safe to use on a stove.
  2. Pour the saltwater into the pot – while pouring make sure that it doesn’t overflow so that it does not splash while its boiling.
  3. The pot and the lid should now be placed upside down – this is because it will allow the vapor to condense and drip into the glass. The pot lid should be positioned so that the high point of the handle is facing down above the glass. Be very careful that the lid is well sealed to avoid the steam escaping.
  4. Decrease the heat – let the water boil slowly in low heat. Letting it boil in very high heat might contaminate the water by splashing and it might also break the glass. Another reason of not boiling in high heat is that the glass will move away from the center of the pot and also the handle.
  5. Oversee the pot – when the water is boiling, it will later become vapor and it will leave behind any particles that were dissolved in it. So, when the water becomes vapor, it will condense in the air which will be steam plus on the surface of the cover, it will become water droplets. This task might take roughly twenty minutes or more.
  6. Wait for a while before drinking – since the water in the glass will be very hot, leave it for some few minutes to warm before you can drink. When removing the glass from the pot, be very careful since there will be some leftovers of the salty water so that it doesn’t splash into the glass. Also remember to wear any protective gear since the glass will be very hot and it might burn your fingers. You can use oven mittens to do this.

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