Wondering How To Do A Sea Salt Water Flush & Cleanse? Follow These Steps.


Written by J. Marsden

A salt water-based colon cleanse is one of the safest and most effective ways of detoxing and cleansing your colon and digestive system. It consists of a mixture of genuine sea salt and water or genuine sea water.

Many people have been using a sea salt flush for centuries as a form of detoxing and colon cleansing. Drinking a salt water mixture helps to remove all toxins and to cleanse your colon and digestive system by encouraging a forced bowel movement.

In the case where you are constipated it also will help bring about a bowel movement in order to relieve your discomfort.

Using this cleansing method is very beneficial for your overall digestive system health and to aid in cleansing and dieting to lose weight, although using a salt solution to perform a flush should be done correctly, with caution, and must never be overdone as it is only a temporary detoxification process.

If you want an easier and controlled way of detoxing your body without worrying about the right dosage, side effects, or any long-term harm, then read this post where I explain and review 4 ways I’ve found to cleanse your body from toxins, feel rejuvenated with more energy and it even lose some weight in the process:

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What are the advantages of a Sea Salt Cleanse?

It will aid in the detoxification process when you are on a diet and will help you to lose excess weight as part of your energy controlled balanced diet. A sea salt cleanse is also very low in calories and will help to burn excess fat and clean your digestive system from all unwanted build up.

The main purpose of a cleansing with a salt solution is for detoxification. The warm salt water will cleanse your body of toxins that can cause health issues and help you to maintain a cleansed and healthier body that will leave you feeling lighter and more energised throughout your day.

Improves your bowel function by removing waste build up in your bowels that has been collecting for months and in some cases for years, giving you a cleaner digestive system that will better perform its functions.
It improves the functions and production of healthy bacteria in your colon and bowel system to improve the overall bowel function and health of your digestive system.

When you are constipated a this method can be used to relieve constipation by forcing a bowel movement and by softening the stool to give you fast and effective relief. This method of laxative, should however not be overused as it can cause severe damage.

How To Do The Sea Salt Water Cleanse

Ingredients needed for your sea salt flush

  • One litre of clean and pure warm water in a bottle that can withstand heat.
  • Two level teaspoons of unrefined ocean salt or Himalayan Crystal salt. Never use iodized table salt as too much iodine can be extremely hazardous to your kidneys and digestive system.
  • Pure ocean water directly from the ocean can also be used and should be slightly heated to improve the effectiveness. Pure ocean water is the original and traditional age old method of relief from constipation and detoxification that has been used by many as a natural remedy.

Salt Water Cleanse Step-by-Step

  1. Scoop the two teaspoons of sea or Himalayan Crystal salt into the warm water mixture.
  2. Shake the mixture well until all the all of the salt is completely dissolved, make sure to use warm water which will enable the salt crystals to dissolve easier and faster.
  3. In the case where ocean water is used it only needs to be heated until warm.
  4. For a one time detoxification or for constipation you will have to drink the entire litre of salt water at once.
  5. For daily use you will only drink about half a glass of the salt water mixture to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  6. Always make sure to use warm water in order to improve the effectiveness of the flush.

Cautions & Warnings Of Doing A Salt Water Flush

Make sure that you use sea salt that does NOT contain iodine, Himalayan Crystal salt or any other salt may be used as long as it is not iodized salt.

After consuming salt water you may be left dehydrated so make sure to take in enough fluids afterwards to stay hydrated.

It is wise to consult a physician before performing a salt-based detoxification especially if you suffer from any medical conditions such as Hypertension or if you are on medication as the combination may be very dangerous to your health and can cause extreme damage.

Do not perform a flush for more than seven days in a row, and take a few weeks or months break in between before performing the detox again.

Any form of detoxification especially those containing salt that is performed wrongly or too often may lead to serious damage of the digestive system, dangerous dehydration and an imbalance of the digestive systems healthy bacteria.

Too much salt can also be damaging to your kidneys and urinary system so be very careful not to use too much salt in the solution and not use this detoxification method for a long period of time.

Again, if you have any doubts about the benefits, dangers, side effects, how to lose weight, or potential harm doing a cleanse, then read my review of the top 4 ways you can detox your colon and reduce your bloating:



Using a salt-based solution as an initial detoxification or colon cleansing method will leave you feeling lighter and healthier, you can have up to four bowel movements with soft stool in a day but this will return back to normal.

Following a balanced healthy diet with loads of fresh fruits, vegetables and a controlled portion of whole grains will also ensure a healthy digestive system and enable you to feel more energetic and healthy in general.

Exercise is a vital part of life in order to keep you healthy, full of energy and to maintain the normal every day functioning of your organs, so take this into consideration when following a healthy lifestyle.

This cleanse is not recommended if you already have a digestive condition or if you suffer from stomach ulcers so make sure to consult your physician before attempting a salt water detox.

If you suffer from constant constipation you can detox your system with salt-solution every few weeks or use a small amount of salt water on a daily basis which should help to alleviate this problem.

Always keep in mind to stay adequately dehydrated consuming salt or salt water.

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