Is Fasting & Colon Cleansing Healthy? Our detox experience PART 1

Start Naturains Colon Cleanse

Does fasting and colon cleansing work? Will you lose weight? We answer these questions and more in Part 1 of our “Fasting and Colon Cleansing” series.
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12 Comments on “Is Fasting & Colon Cleansing Healthy? Our detox experience PART 1”

  1. Have you ever fasted or colon cleansed? What was your experience?

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this info! I was thought that I was not
    “pure” enough and might work my way into these methods. Glad to know these
    methods are not the way! 

  3. I’m currently on the master cleanse, second time. I wanted to cleanse in
    order to go back into being vegetarian. 

  4. Both videos were great and your message needs to be shared. There are way
    too many detox scammers on YT and the net. People new to whole food plant
    based eating are getting very confused.

    I will try to link to your channel where I can but let me suggest that you
    try to post comments more often on some of the more popular channels in
    order to help get the word out.

    There is a new debate heating up about the minimum calorie requirements of
    RT4. RT4 is a great program but many are over eating and gaining weight.
    Please join the discussion if you desire to contribute.

    Fruit Bat Patty

    ps: Both Andrew Perlot and Plant Based Vegan just posted videos about RT4.

  5. Very interesting videos guys, thanks for sharing them! I fasted for 30 days
    in 2013; it wasn’t easy but I liked the experience :)

  6. Thank you so much for this honest and open video!! I have also fasted and
    cleansed in the past and had had colonics, but it never felt right,
    especially the colonics… So many people – especially in the raw world –
    cleanse and fast because they feel toxic (“bad”) or want to lose weight,
    and too often suffer from eating disorders… Love and light!!!

  7. +Christina Julius Thanks for your comment below… there isn’t a reply
    option, think you have to change your settings for people to reply directly
    to your comment. Thank you so much for watching and commenting. Yes, you’re
    right, there are many eating disorders in the raw food world … we’re so
    glad we’ve moved past that stage and are feeling so much healthier
    physically and mentally now. Interesting to hear that colonics never felt
    right for you. Thanks again for sharing, much appreciated xo

  8. Thank you.I think monomeals and green smoothies are a better detox method. 

  9. Is it safe to do colon cleanse one every six months? Without diet!?

  10. It’s great to be health conscious, but when people become health OBSESSED,
    they open themselves up to all kinds of crazy ideas, “cures”, preventative
    treatments, insane diets, etc etc. It’s one thing to faithfully follow a
    healthy lifestyle, but it’s another to ignore real science in favor of
    health nut yahoos who advocate things that just defy common sense, like not
    eating for 28 days, or giving yourself regular enemas. I mean, it’s the
    left wing, liberal equivalent to the right wing war on science. While the
    right wing denies things like climate change and evolution, the left wing
    is home to a faction of health-obsessed people who deny the validity of
    western medicine and the benefits of vaccinations, and subscribe to crazy
    ideas about health in general, in defiance of everything modern medicine
    and science says. Fasting, cleansing, and the weird obsession with pH, and
    “enzymes” in the raw food movement are great examples.

  11. My religion has a thing called Ramadan. We fast from sunrise to sunset
    (Don’t comment hate on this). if I eat the necessary amount of calories
    after sunset, would it lead to metabolic damage? it’s only one month a
    year, by the way.

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