Making a Colon Cleanser

Start Naturains Colon Cleanse

Herbalist shows you how to make a colon cleanse from everyday ingredients including: apples, onions, citrus peels and distilled water. For kids, you can also add unpasteurized honey and/or maple syrup.

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24 Comments on “Making a Colon Cleanser”

  1. What are you thoughts on whey protein? Is it a good idea to take 3 times a
    day or will this eventually plug up your colon? Is there one particular
    kind that out shines the rest? Thanks in advance!! 

  2. Amazing! Just one Question buddy them crackers you added to the mix I’ve
    checked around on the net but cannot find them what’s the proper name for
    them crackers please?.

  3. Hi Tony…thanks for sharing. Question, how often do you suggest taking
    this witches brew (haha)? What about fasting or diet restrictions when
    taking the brew?

  4. Can you buy pectin powder or do you have to do it the hard way Tony.

  5. I love your videos!!! The sinus congestion has worked miracles, I have had
    congested sinuses for over 6 months and in one day I am releasing all the
    crud and can actually breath through my nose!!!! Yay thank you soooo much
    for your time and generosity it’s great greatly appreciated!!! Can you give
    me your website address the one on your videos keeps coming up as no longer

  6. Is there anything else that can be used instead of the onion? cos I heard
    they desync the brain hemispheres

  7. Instead of using a blender could I use a juicer instead….??? Thanks

  8. Hi Tony, few weeks ago you mentioned you had nanopoisoned yourserlf, what
    kind of nano, not nano silver , is it..?

    Good video.

  9. Hello, just discovered your channel. Umm, how to ask this delicately? I’m
    guessing you drink 8oz and then should you stay close to home? Will a
    diaper be needed? Lol
    How fast does it work and is it gentle?

  10. I can vouch for Michigan apples, because unless you throw the apples into
    lemon water this smoothie will turn brown immediately

  11. Hi There Tony,
    I happened upon your site looking for a colon cleanse and just about
    watched all of your videos. My question to you is what happened to the
    “Super Apple” video? I went out and bought all the ingredients and went to
    find your video and it’s gone. Can you repost please. Thanks in advance and
    keep up the good work. Tony and Dave are amazing caring people, love to you

  12. I don’t think this works for me…I haven’t seen results yet and its been a
    week so far…..Ill just try the STS one instead.

  13. I do the STS detox now, for four days. Is it normal that i smell like a pig
    during daytime? Also i get zits allover my body.. Is this the filth coming
    out? For how many days in a row can i do the STS detox? It’s quite heavy!

  14. Hi Tony…You are Super Fantastic! I’ve been into natural, holistic and
    spiritual health and healing for over 25 yrs and I keep learning and
    growing in knowledge. I am so discussed with the criminal acts of the food,
    drug and medical industries put into practice for the unsuspecting public.
    It is so vital that we keep a keen awareness in this day and age, but
    even then it is so overwhelming. I love your video’s and Dave is such a
    great help in adding the important questions of how much dosage, kind
    etc… You absolutely have me cracking up at times….great laughter in
    itself is healing medicine! Keep up the great inspirational work. I have
    one question however…I did the STS cleanse with an added teaspoon of
    vitamin C. chased with about 6-8 oz of water for 4 nights and on the
    morning after the 4th night I felt like I needed to go but was some what
    constipated. Any clues to why? I laid off of it last night and still
    felt a bit constipated today. Any insight would be of great help. I am
    going to try this onion, apple, pectin recipe.

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