mucous.colon cleanse,mucoid plaque

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Been fasting for 6 days and doing a colon cleanse. The crap/ Stomach Mucous that continue to come out is unbelievable! Also, the energy you get from fasting is amazing. have not been soo clearheaded in a long time. Please see the video (grizzly) and than go to and get you colon cleanse

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  1. Your right about junk food! Their is no need to fast for 7days. 1day is
    enough to balance your gut bacteria IF & only IF you eat species
    appropriate food for 30days & take diatamaceouse earth once per week. Im
    over 40 & aging backwards. I was an addict 2yrs ago. After 4months the
    addiction was switched off with little side effect & no effort. I eat paleo
    diet only. If we eat right the body heals itself. Thankyou for being so
    brave & sharing this.

  2. Guys/Girls if you don’t want undigested meat in your colon REMEMBER TO TAKE

  3. @Sir *Thanks for sharing that wonderful product. After 3 weeks I was a
    new person. My constipation and bloating was gone for a week and half. I
    got up in the morning feeling energized and I even lost 2 pounds. I
    couldn’t believe it. I didn’t feel so heavy and tired anymore. I felt like
    a 20 year old again.*

  4. If you let the powder drink sit for 30 mins- it is the same look and
    consistency of the poo in the video above. Yes you lose water weight but
    Metamucil does the same thing.

  5. OMG!!….dusgusting BUT very informative…..What product did u
    use??…does that help flatten your stomach?? Im thinking of doing it too

  6. Believe this people, I’ve just done a week at a detox retreat in Thailand,
    and on the sixth day the same stuff came out of me, I was both disgusted
    and horrified, no wonder I had been feeling sick for so long!

  7. What cleanse caused to much mucus removal. I’ve done over 6 different
    cleanses never once released anything from my body

  8. Mucous plaque is real. I released some (about 8 inches)
    Without any husk or clay. Now I’m anxious to get all of it out.

  9. im muslim and we are obligated to fast for a month every year ,
    and as you want another 6 days if you want ,after the month and monday +
    Thursday of every week if you want
    and also in our religion who want the health have to fast .
    but i never seen these thing and never hear about 🙂 !!!!! it is really

  10. we don’t eat from the sunrise to the sunset
    and we prefere to eat 1 or 3 or 5 or 7 impair number of dates first

  11. are y’all sure this is not the powder or supplement your taking that’s
    setting up like this and your passing it through as you see it here ? I
    don’t think jello like shit is setting up on your intestine walls like this
    that bad it seems too much.

  12. This is a scam. Those fiber powders do the same thing and form that
    consistency. Do you ever see a fecal-encrusted colon wall when one of those
    cameras is doing a colonoscopy? Of course not!

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