Natural Benefits Of Flushing Your Body With Salt Water

Written by J. Marsden

Consuming a solution of sea salt and water is basically a safe, simple and effective way of performing a colon cleanse to detoxify your digestive system of all unnecessary toxins and waste build up.

Drinking a simple solution of real sea salt, or Himalayan salt mixed with water with the optional addition of a little lemon juice will aid you in pushing waste through your system, expelling toxins and improving the functions of your digestive system.

Doing a salt water cleanse will not only help to flush out your colon but will also cleanse your stomach and the rest of your digestive system.

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Here are some salt water flush benefits for you

When doing a master cleanse or fasting as a part of your detoxification process where you only consume liquids for a set period of time you may find that you are having some issues with constipation. This is because you are not taking in any form of fibre to help along peristalsis.

Drinking a mixture of sea salt and water with added lemon juice will help to alleviate this problem and will give you a healthy bowel movement during your detoxification process.

Consuming a solution that contains real sea salt or sea water will also aid in fluid retention as it effectively balances out the mineral and electrolyte levels in your body helping your cells to expel the accumulated fluids.

Salt also aids in keeping your hormonal levels balanced, keeping your metabolic processes functioning at an optimal rate as well as maintaining a healthy PH level throughout your entire body.

When you have inflamed or sore muscles, a sore throat or if you suffer from intestinal wounds or ulcers, a pure sea salt and water mixture can aid in the healing process and help to relieve the pain in inflamed muscles.

Salt contains many beneficial minerals that are required by your body in order for it to function at an optimal level, therefore a regular mixture of water and sea salt along with a touch of lemon juice will help to keep your body healthy and at an alkaline level.

A salt water solution will also help to maintain the healthy bacteria in your digestive system by removing all toxins and build up creating a healthy environment for good bacteria to grow.


When you are trying to lose some weight a sea salt and water mixture can greatly aid in the weight loss process and also help to cleanse your system which in turn will improve your weight loss efforts.

If you suffer from general constipation performing a quick sea salt and water solution flush will help you to have an easy bowel movement and relieve you from further constipation. This is how to prepare your salt water solution.

In general, flushing your body with a sea salt solution is quite beneficial to your health and will greatly aid in cleansing and detoxifying your digestive system. It will also aid in the optimal functioning of other metabolic processes and help to keep your body at the appropriate PH level. Salt also has medicinal healing and pain relief properties.

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