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A recent rise in the popularity of colon products has sprouted thousands of reviews claiming the bogus products are just a scam.
Our team decided to get to the bottom of all claims, whether negative or positive. We are dedicated to providing the most objective product reviews and dispelling, once and for all, the incredible claims.
Product Guarantees
Pure Colon Detox websites promise the following:
– To break up and remove harmful toxins
– To raise energy levels
– To decrease gas and bloating
– To flatten your stomach
We decided to use Pure Colon Cleanse for 30 days and watch for each of the promised effects.
Remove Harmful Toxins
During the first 7 days that our team of testers used the product, they all experienced noticeable changes in their bowel movements. They became thicker and denser and appeared to be chock-full of sludge that had been collecting for years. They were disgusted but they all commented that they felt remarkably fresher than they ever had.
Detoxifying your body is important because you have to remove harmful toxins that collect as a result of leftover food building up in your colon and sticking to your colon walls.
You can visit a doctor who will administer a colonic but this is done in a doctor’s office, can be uncomfortable and take up to an hour until the full cleanse is complete.
Raise Energy Levels
Each of us took 2 tablets every day, once in the morning and one in the evening. We noticed an increase in our energy first thing in the morning. We all woke up feeling less groggy and experienced no fatigue throughout the day. To be honest, we were not expecting to see results as early as the first day.


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