What Side Effects Should You Expect From A Salt Water Detox?


Written by J. Marsden

Performing a flush with sea salt and water or sea water as a method of cleansing and detoxification, or even to induce a bowel movement can have quite a few side effects.

Not every individual will experience side effects and the effects that the salt solution whether negative or positive will have on the body will differ from person to person.

Any negative effects can be reduced or avoided by making sure to follow the recommended guidelines when performing any form of detoxification and by sticking to the correct amounts and ratios of the salt and water mixture used for the flush.

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Let’s Start – Possible Salt Water Flush Side Effects

Drinking copious amounts of salt solution induces diarrhea and can in some individuals also cause excessive vomiting. With excessive vomiting and diarrhea, you lose a lot of fluids which can cause severe dehydration.

Salt in itself can also cause dehydration and has a tendency to make you extremely thirsty, therefore it is vital to consume enough water when performing a flush with salt water to avoid dehydration.

The large amounts of salt and water in the drink consumed in large quantities for a certain period of time can cause your kidneys to overwork and all the fluids rushing through your body can cause the electrolytes in your body to suffer an imbalance. The electrolytes in your body need a specific amount of fluid to stay balanced, too much or too little fluid can cause an imbalance that can cause overhydration or dehydration. Imbalanced electrolytes can cause a disturbance in your hearts rhythm, as well as muscle problems, dementia and in some cases even death.

Vomiting caused by consuming large amounts of salt water can cause tears in your esophagus and damage your throat and mouth. The excessive vomiting can also cause muscle aches and dehydration. If you have this reaction to the salt water solution it is better to avoid completely, performing the flush in future.

Excessive salt can be damaging to your kidneys and in the long term lead to kidney failure which is a very severe and dangerous condition.

When drinking a solution of salt the body actually loses fluids which causes your heart rate to increase and your blood vessels to constrict in order to try and maintain your blood pressure and the blood flow to the vital organs. This in turn causes a feeling of weakness, nausea and eventually delirium.

Drinking large amounts of water with salt can cause your mouth to become very dry and increase your heart rate lowering your blood pressure which will give you headaches and cause you to become dizzy and disorientated. These effects can be eliminated by drinking fresh water. Here’s how you can create your own sea salt detox drink.


Blood in your stool, a loss of appetite as well as in more severe cases unconsciousness can also be caused by consuming excessive amounts of salt water.

Severe dehydration, kidney failure, seizures and eventually falling into a coma are some of the more dangerous and long-term side effects that can be caused by drinking large amounts of salt water mixtures for long periods of time.

Keeping to the recommended amounts and time periods for performing a flush or cleanse using salt and water as well as always taking caution when performing any sort of detoxification will help to avoid negative side effects.

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