TEA DETOX: TeaMi Skinny & TeaMi Colon

Start Naturains Colon Cleanse

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13 Comments on “TEA DETOX: TeaMi Skinny & TeaMi Colon”

  1. This sounds really good. I’m thinking about trying it. Do you have any
    jitters or headaches after drinking the tea?

  2. Ok gotta ask. When you say that the colon cleanse flushes you out how bad
    is it? Like you take it at night and you’re running to the bathroom all
    night or is it smooth and you’re just going throughout the day? Can you
    take this and go to work?!!!! TMI but gotta ask! Thank you

  3. Ok …. another TMI question… So on colon cleansing tea does it make you
    gassy ?

  4. Thanks for this review I’ve been looking for a detox!!! You look flawless
    as usual. 🙂 

  5. I was wondering why you picked this brand. There are so many, was this
    one better health wise?

  6. As always Mel, thanks for sharing. (TMI Moment) When using the TeaMi Colon
    or Slimming Tea, does it make going #2 uncomfortable or do you feel
    discomfort at all? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve used a slimming
    tea before & although it worked, it was very uncomfortable when I had to

  7. Thanks for sharing Mel I have to admit you had me Rollin when you started
    speaking on the colon tea lol I will check this brand out.

  8. We loved your video! Thank you so much for the review and for sharing!

  9. Thanks for the video Mel. I’m thinking about trying these teas.

  10. I only got the colon tea cuz i didn’t want to lose weight and everyone
    loses weight doing both. Aslo I just wanted to flush my system out so I
    only got the colon so far my resuluts are not great. I had stomach pain so
    they told me only steep for 3 mins but I did that yesterday and didn’t use
    bath room at all. anyway i hope it gets better. We been having a ton of
    snow so have not been working out as much as i use to but i am eating the
    clean way so hope fully this gets better.

  11. Just got mine today I can’t wait to try it. A friend of mine is on her
    second week and she has getting awesome results. I do know that with the
    colon cleansing tea you have to drink plenty of water or you will have a
    little bit of stomach pain she said it was quite uncomfortable so my advice
    to everyone all my teami blend friends drink water, drink water, drink

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