True Detoxification is Not a Colon Cleanse or Liver Detox

Start Naturains Colon Cleanse Dr. Daniel Pompa reveals the true meaning of detoxification. Detox occurs at the cellular level. True Detox at the cellular level involves the acceleration of GSH production. When toxins are removed inflammation decreases, hormones balance, health restores, weight is lost and lives are restored.

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25 Comments on “True Detoxification is Not a Colon Cleanse or Liver Detox”

  1. not that useful as it doesn’t actually tell you what to do! I suppose we’re
    supposed to visit the site and buy the products, but I didn’t get that far!

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  3. I recently heard Dr Sutter talk about cleansing the cells, however he says
    you must start with the colon first, then the liver, then on to cleansing
    the toxins from the cells.

  4. 2health: We have always focused first on the colon, then liver; it works.
    This paves the way for cellular detox, where Dr. Pompa’s info excels.

  5. @Bitstorm100 Toxins hide all over the body, the fat cells, bone cells,
    within organs etc. It takes awhile for all toxins to be removed. If you
    fast, you need to take an enema daily. The juice fast, liver flushes, and
    the “Master Cleaner” are all good detoxing methods.

  6. Yada yada… he says NOTHING! Detoxification is not science and that is why
    the person named “Dr Daniel Pompa” can blab about anything. With so much
    unhealthy behaviour in the US, charlatans come out of the woodwork, selling
    their wacky opinions and snake oil.

  7. Dr Pompa how can we excrete the toxins in such a way that they do not get
    absorbt again trough the bile?

  8. I see that you are in PA. I live in Hawaii. I am very interested in
    learning more about this cellular detox program, but do not have the
    ability to fly to PA. Is there a program that I can do here, on my own,
    with supplements, etc.? Thanks very much.

  9. Secondly, I want to point out that as a genomic researcher cells are being
    effected by literally everything you do. Don’t think every detox program is
    not interacting on a cellular level… it is at the GENES level. Secondly,
    trace elements of all kinds will be excreted by the body by any detox
    program. It comes across like you’re discrediting all other detox methods
    that don’t have multiple steps….are you?

  10. of course he is not going to give details. you have to pay to be a patient.
    That’s the world today – health is available to those with money. And the
    irony is that millions of people are sick because they were poisoned by
    those who run this system and now they are near or in poverty and so they
    are conveniently left to rot while naturopaths nonetheless feel they are on
    some noble or god sent mission to help “the people”. Its like a battlefield
    where fallen comrades are dumped off the cart.

  11. How arrogant. Gerson people have been saving cancer patients for 70 years
    with their detox protocol which is freely available to anyone who wants to
    know. Who are you to say all others don’t know?

  12. please go ahead and name three “toxins”? besides lactic acid, I cannot name
    many or any… and I am a molecular biologist and since you claim to be a
    doctor, go ahead and name 100 “toxins”

  13. according to the website ‘lunchboxbunch’. Toxins can be sourced from 4
    different places. Air, Water, Food and chemicals. A toxin is described as a
    chemical or poison that is harmful to the body. The list of known toxins
    are: methane, carbon monoxide, car, factory emissions, tobacco products,
    chlorine, bleach, ammonia, prescription medications, chromium, food
    additives, processed, genetically modified foods, food dyes, chemical
    flavorings, colorings, msg, aspartame, alcohol, pesticide residue.

  14. molecular biologist, that does not know what we mean by a “toxin” ?
    oh-kay… lol even the plastic water bottles we use, have residual
    chemicals and plastic that goes into the water and then into your body.
    many medications and drugs have aluminum in them, that is another example
    out of thousands of examples. probably millions.

  15. THANK YOU So much Dr. Pompa! You & Your info is an answer to prayer! Thank
    You so very much!

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  17. Usually u can bind toxins in the gut w/ a “PB shake” –psyllium husk powder
    mixed up in water along with bentonite clay powder. The psyllium simply
    provides bulk and the Bentonite clay carries a negative charge, binding it
    to toxins, which usually carry a strongly positive charge. It tastes
    bland, but not bad. It’s also GREY in color, which appears weird. And it

  18. So how exactly do we do the step one and two of true detoxification Doctor?
    You only told us what it is, not how to go about it.

  19. MTF zero info blah blah blah and then they don’t even pitch us on a remedy
    disappointment Psyllium or ground flax will get it out to make it cleanse
    fresh garlic in a blender with water

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