What is Bentonite Clay? Detoxify colon naturally. Cleanse the bowel

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25 Comments on “What is Bentonite Clay? Detoxify colon naturally. Cleanse the bowel”

  1. @MisterTissueBox have u tried making your own mixed fruit or raw vegetable
    purees? just put cut fruit or veg with water into a blender.

  2. @pastorstraw Musicrocker2324 was asking if your body absorbs the aluminum
    and you asked, “What Aluminum” Bentonite is aluminium phyllosilicate. It’s
    made up of the elements such as potassium (K), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca),
    and aluminum (Al). THAT is the aluminum that musicrocker2324 was talking

  3. @madv14 shit,i just take johnnycat in a blender,i get 15 pounds for 6
    dollars.MAN does it clean you out.if your frugal.u can reuse the cat
    litter,after your cat has done his thing.just be sure you pick out all the
    kitty turds,or else when you blend it to drink,it will have a flavor that
    you’ll NEVER forget.yuk!

  4. once you drink the clay how long does it take for it to stop working before
    it comes out of your body? Some people get bind up so does it stop working
    if it stays in your system too long?

  5. May I ask a question, but I’m not trying to be gross. I ingested the powder
    form, after it had absorbed the water. I drank it, and when I went #1
    (urinated), it smelled like dirty mop water. Can’t figure it out, but its
    done this after about every time I’ve drank it. Possibly about 4-5 times.
    DO you know why?

  6. Not real familiar, but I”ve heard/read that this isnot a good one to use.
    It has some sort of toxin in it, if I remember right. Calcium Ben. is a bit
    better. from what I’ve concluded.

  7. doc,i KNEW that this clay was good,i also knew it expanded in the digestive
    tract,but i didn’t know it covered that much space.incredible stuff.dont
    forget to use a PLASTIC spoon with this stuff.use a STEEL spoon,and the
    bentonite loses its charge almost completely.i made that mistake myself.as
    soon as i realised,WHOOOOOSH!

  8. wow, great information, many of my patients see that the bentonite clay is
    an ultimate headache and migraine cure, it removes the toxins so your body
    is clean and clear, the next step is a liver detox! woohoo!

  9. I occasionally take food grade Diatomaceous and I just heard about
    Bentonite clay in a video. Can you please explain the difference?

  10. Wondering if their is any crystals in this stuff. I’ve worked with
    bentonite in drilling and it is a hazard to inhale. I’m sure people would
    make an effort to refine this substance for ingestion. however, it makes me

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  12. Bentonite clay as well as working wonders internally is also an
    unbelievably fantastic skin treatment. It removes toxins and works for
    acne, rosacea, blemishes and makes your skin look fantastic too. Keep
    spreading the good word Rick

  13. Would you or anyone else know if this would be good to line a fish pond? It
    is used for that purpose but would it be food safe? In other words, would
    it hurt to raise fish to eat in a pond lined with this?

  14. The product he promotes is extremely expensive; almost $19 for 60 caps. In
    my opinion, a ripoff! I haven’t researched this product enough to know the
    quality of bentonite clay used. Many companies use a lower grade of clay
    when including them in a detox or parasite cleanse. You can get good grades
    of bentonite clay for much cheaper online.

  15. I purchased the liquid bentonite and on the back is a WARNING ⚠ that there
    is a chemical inside that causes cancer. Now I’m not sure if I want to use
    this product. 

  16. What is the difference between the clay and the activated charcoal?
    The charcoal has negative ion charge also.

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