What is Bowtrol?

what does it do?Bowtrol is an all natural treatment; A treatment that cleanses the colon effectively and quickly. The treatment was created for those that suffer from chronic constipation. It can also be used for those that get occasional constipation. The treatment also helps your body detoxify itself. Since many toxins end up in your bowels it helps to get rid of them. It also helps the liver and lymphatic system to draw the toxins into the bowel for removal.

The treatment has probiotics, healthy bacteria that helps your stomach and intestines work like they should. Often our daily lives will end up setting our bodies out of rhythm. These bacteria help us stay on track when your body performs like it should you feel better. Another benefit when you feel better you are more energetic. With more energy you move around more which helps you lose weight.

The herbs in the treatment are all natural; many have been used for centuries. The herbs come from all over the world, this creates a great uniqueness. Since the native people of the world have a vast knowledge of the herbs native to their countries. We must use this knowledge to create a better product. The herbs are also fresh at the time of production this allows for maximum efficiency. Always beware of how long the capsules have sat on the shelves this can make them less effective. The best by date is a good indication, as is if there is dust on the shelves or bottles. Also, watch out for compromised packaging such as knick or dents.

How does this treatment work?

The treatment works by relieving bloating, gas, and constipation. The natural herbs remove the toxins while the fiber gets rid of them. The herb cascara sagrada has long been used as a natural laxative. Another herb Senna also has the laxative properties this is how the treatment manages to relieve constipation. The added fiber from the flax seeds helps you pass your stool easier as well.

Peppermint oil helps produce bile; this has been shown to help ease bloating. On a side note peppermint also relieves nausea. Garlic helps boost your immune system which helps boost energy. Clover helps keep your blood pressure level, as well as help the detoxification process.

The main thing the treatment does is to help you pass stools. The weight loss, immune boosting, and energy production are extra benefits. Keep in mind not everyone experiences the extra benefits. It is all in how your body reacts to the herbs within the treatment. Only take the recommended doses do not take more of the capsules than recommended. This is not going to make them work any faster let the treatment take its time so it works the most effectively. Taking more than recommended can make the reaction too strong. In this case, you can have too much of a good thing if you take too many capsules at once.

How is the treatment taken?

This treatment is taken via a capsule. Beware the taking of this treatment past seven days is not recommended. It can weaken your bowels nerves, which makes your body dependent on the treatment. This is not a good thing you want your body to be able to work efficiently with minimal intervention. If you take this treatment longer than seven days you also risk your body having an immune response which makes it not work at all.

Where can I get the Bowtrol Detox?

You can find the treatment at many retailers and drug stores. Many health food stores also carry this product.The company website also offers online ordering as well as discounts you can also find the treatment on online retailers like Amazon. Always beware of online retailers make sure they are safe and reputable before giving out your information. It is always best to use services like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Play.

Other things to consider

This treatment should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women. Many laxatives are not recommended. The herbs in the treatment can interact with medications. It either causes the over production or under production which makes your medicines not act correctly. Keep in mind some have allergic reactions to the herbs in this treatment while they are natural they can create problems for some. If you are having a reaction you need to stop this treatment immediately. Do watch out for overly loose stools, this can dehydrate you of needed vitamins and minerals. Those with irritable bowel syndrome should stay away from laxatives of any type. Those with irritable bowel syndrome with chronic constipation can use this product for a short period of time; just do not take for the full seven days.

Remember that everyone reacts to this type of treatment differently so results can vary. If you have Crones or ulcerative colitis do not use this treatment or any bowel cleanse.

Also, keep in mind that some are also sensitive to the laxative properties this makes them very ill. Also, some have no reaction to the herbs so the treatment may not work for you. We all react differently, so keep this in mind with any treatments or supplements.

The Bowtrol colonic detox does work, and can be an effective treatment for many people. Just make sure you take it as directed as and not for longer than seven days. It Is a great option for those that wish to use an all natural product.

Keep in mind this is a fairly new product which means the reactions and effects are not fully known. Some testing is still being done, as the product has been out longer we will know the full effectiveness and list of reactions. In this case, it is a take at your own risk right now. If you have a reaction please tell your doctor they need to list reactions of all supplements and medications you are taking.

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